True Inbound

Big change is on its way

UPDATE 3/3/16: The announcement is made!

At True Inbound, we’ve been fortunate to have a “why” that people resonate with. It’s time to apply this “why” to a bigger picture.

I love what I do.

I work in an Industry that is really broken. But that’s exactly why I was attracted to it. I saw all this “mysterious” stuff going on and I was certain that things were not as “mysterious” as the industry has led the world to believe.

For years now, I have been going against the grain and it feels great. Things I tell people should have worked against me. I’m always turning the table on people and challenging belief systems. I have no fear when I make bold statements because I don’t want to work with folks that aren’t aligned with this way of thinking anyway.

To my surprise, people responded well to my message. It turns out that people LOVE disruption! It’s a relief to understand that success is within reach for all of us and you don’t need some “mysterious” formula to make it happen.

I believe people who own their ideas inspire the world

The most important word in this phrase is “own.” When we own our ideas, we take credit for them. We also take responsibility. We don’t expect to buy our success from somebody that claims to have the secrete sauce.

Own your ideas

Scott True